Testing carry ammo considerations for Lebanon

February 16, 2022Uncategorized

Due to the lack of choices with regards to ammunition in Lebanon, most people are just packing whatever’s cheapest or available.

However, some go the extra mile and, understanding that quality beats quantity, do their best to secure more desirable alternatives.

In this short article, we will look specifically at 9mm hollowpoints (HP) and determine a testing protocol to determine reliability in your concealed carry firearm.

While HPs are rare (not to mention expensive, almost double the cost of regular 9mm) in Lebanon, and you might only have a limited number on hand, it is CRUCIAL that you test at least some through your gun.

This is done to guarantee that there are no Point Of Aim (POA) and Point Of Impact (POI) shifts, and to ensure that your firearms functions reliably and without malfunctions with this type of ammo.

I suggest loading three magazines as follows:

Mag A: A fully loaded magazine with the top 5 being HPs.
Mag B: 3 HPs.
Mag C : 2 HPs.

We are going to test reliability as follows:

1) Insert Mag A and rack the slide then quickly fire the first 5 rounds.
2) Remove the mag, lock the slide to the rear ejecting the 6th round (which should be FMJ), and insert Mag B. Use the slide stop to send the slide forward.
4) Shoot the 3 rounds slowly, then put Mag C in, use the slide release, and shoot the last 2 HPs quickly.

You shouldn’t experience any issues.

Small observations:
The gun I used for the test was a DDG19, a Deniable Doppelganger Glock 19. Technically it’s a (better) clone of G19 gen 3.

The Sellier and Bellot HPs used are 115 grains, and they’re very similar to the Sellier and Bellot Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 115 grain ammo available at the S&B Shooting Sports range in Springhills Mansourieh. POA/POI are exactly the same.

However, because the HP is a millimeter shorter than the FMJ, it sometimes jams when you use the slide release. Never experienced any jams while firing though.

Winchester 115 grain HPs exhibit no jams whatsoever and have the same POA/POI as both the S&B FMJ and HPs.

I have limited experience with Winchester Whitebox 115 grains ammo at the moment. To be updated but I think its safe to assume the POA/POI will be the same.