Travel Security Tips: The Subway / Metro / Underground / Tube System

March 23, 2023Uncategorized

Since I recently traveled to the UK for training, let us examine the Metro / Subway / Underground / Tube system and its potential dangers: 1) Don’t fall or get pushed on the tracks: Logically speaking, the more people around you, the higher your chances of coming face to face with an Emotionally Disturbed Individual, […]

Podcast Number 3 with Integrated Skills Group

December 24, 2022Uncategorized

I was honored for a third time to appear on a podcast hosted by Aaron Moyer of Integrated Skills Group. Check it here:

The Case for the Hungarian AMD65

August 29, 2022Uncategorized

In this article, we will take a closer objective look at the infamous Hungarian Dwarf, outlining its strengths, weaknesses, and potential upgrades, making it into an excellent, all-around carbine, specifically for urban operations in overseas environments. I had originally considered the AMD65 as a suitable weapon for CONUS and OCONUS, but after an awesome phone […]

Concealed Carry Tells: AIWB cover garnement marks

June 9, 2022Uncategorized

The following is the first of posts on conspicuous marks related to concealed and deniable carry. This one is pertaining to the AIWB shirt marks. When the majority of people conceal carry a handgun, they pay extra attention to their firearm signature, also called printing. However, one of the most insidious “tells” is of a […]

Money access and You

May 17, 2022Uncategorized

Most people don’t consider ease of access of funds as a self defense consideration. It is, however, quite an important one, especially when trying to maintain a low key presence while traveling or in high risk environments. Flashing your cash is one of the easiest ways to attract unsavory characters to you, thus increasing chances […]

Modifying pants for EDC

March 18, 2022Uncategorized

The problem with “tactical” clothing, more specifically pants, is that they scream mall ninja oPeRatOr to the world, alerting predators and telling them who to take out first. Our approach as prepared citizens is to always remember our Mission Environment Context (MEC) acronym. Therefore, it is advantageous to keep as low a profile as possible […]

Testing carry ammo considerations for Lebanon

February 16, 2022Uncategorized

Due to the lack of choices with regards to ammunition in Lebanon, most people are just packing whatever’s cheapest or available. However, some go the extra mile and, understanding that quality beats quantity, do their best to secure more desirable alternatives. In this short article, we will look specifically at 9mm hollowpoints (HP) and determine […]

Knife Safety and You

January 17, 2022Uncategorized

Everyone knows (or should know) about the four gun safety rules. However, most have no clue about the fundamentals of knife safety. We attempt to outline the most important ones below: 1) Respect the edge and the point: Even if it looks like it can’t cut or pierce, you have in your hands a potentially […]

Economic Collapse tip: the local currency and you

January 12, 2022Uncategorized

As many of you know, Lebanon has been in economic collapse since October 2019, with the Lebanese pound (LBP) devaluation progressively becoming worse. The black market rate is around 1USD for 32,000LBP (Official rate is 1USD for 1500LBP). We predicted this situation, going over scenarios and outcomes about the impending collapse over with my bros […]

New podcast with ISG – The verge of collapse

November 30, 2019Uncategorized

Had another podcast with Integrated Skills Group this month (November 2019), in which we discuss the current Lebanese uprising and its implications. Listen to it here:

The case for the Makarov PM

November 29, 2019Uncategorized

The civilian-warfighter EDC dichotomy: Sometimes, one is forced to rethink what is espoused as concealed carry gospel by Tier One firearm instructors. The full-size/compact double stack striker-fired semi-automatic in 9mm, with at least one reload, fancy folding knife, tactical high-lumen output flashlight, and a plethora of other can’t-do-without gear works great if your daily attire […]

Podcast with Integrated Skills Group: Living in a warzone

June 27, 2019Uncategorized

I had the honor of being hosted by Integrated Skills Group for a podcast about my childhood growing up during the Lebanese Civil War. ISG are awesome people putting great material out there. Check their website at and the podcast on

The ABCDEF of EDC: Establishing a baseline for your Every Day Carry

June 14, 2019Uncategorized

EDC. Every Day Carry. An acronym that elicits Manichean passions and the grinding of teeth. Everyday people, CCLs, Specops soldiers, EMTs, LEOs, knife aficionados, adventure lovers, and internet commandos, everyone and their grandma has THE BEST EDC ADVICE EVARR™. Reality is, as usual, the monstrous elephant in the room with a giant “it depends” tattoo. […]

The Tactical-Practical Handgun, a buyer’s guide for Lebanon

October 7, 2018Uncategorized

Many of us love shooting the latest incarnation of our favorite blaster, with the super-tuned trigger, fiber optics or competition-ready red dot sights, and compensator. Yet, few are those who actually conceal carry that same gun and default back to a pocket pistol or something more comfortable. Clint Smith said “Handguns should be comforting, not […]

Living in a High-Risk Environment

August 21, 2018Uncategorized

My childhood in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990 [box color=”black”] This article was originally posted November 13, 2012 on The Survivalist Blog ( and updated on December 20, 2012 to include additional information requested by the readers as well as some of my comments to frequently asked questions. It has been reedited […]

Surviving the Service: A Woman’s Guide to Dealing with Cab Drivers in Lebanon

June 15, 2018Uncategorized

Lebanon is a great place to vacation in: Excellent weather, sunny beaches, clean mountains, amazing night life, among other things make the country a favorite tourist attraction. Public transportation, however, isn’t one of Lebanon’s best-selling points: Many women had the disagreeable experience of sitting in a crowded bus or a foul-smelling cab, where the leers, […]

A primer on Violence Survival

April 28, 2018Uncategorized

Know What is Hazardous to your health When people think about Self Defense, they automatically picture a group of people, wearing pajamas, striking the air with their fists or feet while making weird noises, similar to those produced by live turkeys being prepped for Thanksgiving Day. The aim of this article is to allow you […]

Avoiding Dangerous Liaisons

March 21, 2018Uncategorized

Ladies, you all know the fairytale classic: Beautiful Princess meets Prince Charming, they get married, and live happily ever after. Sadly, many of you know also, from personal experience or hearsay, of situations where a girl starts living the fairytale, only to discover after the first kiss (or much later in the relationship) that Mr. […]

General Advice and Personal Protection Tips

February 10, 2018Uncategorized

Criminals want three things from their victims: Valuables, Body, and Life (VBL) Criminals fear three things: Overwhelming Violence, Incarceration, and Drawing Attention (OVIDA) Keep in mind that criminals are not confined to shady neighborhoods; they can travel to “safe” areas and act upon opportunities there. Avoid fringe areas, locations that give attackers privacy and control, […]