Caveat: We reserve the right to refuse training to individuals or organizations.

Unarmed Skills:

Personal Protection Fundamentals:

This is our core concepts seminar and the foundation upon which all Salvos Modum is built upon. It includes a thorough analysis of why and how Violence happens, awareness strategies, detecting/avoiding/preventing conflicts, optimal communication and deescalation skills, predators selection process and tactics, understanding physiology/biomechanics/anatomy, seated and standing unbalancing (Kuzushi), jamming/intercepting/blocking, eye attacks, chokes, strangles, joint attacks (Kansetsu), open and closed hand blows, elbow strikes, low-line kicks, primary and secondary groundwork positions (Newaza), tactical getups, and dealing with common street attacks according to the three protocols. Everything is tested in customized scenario training that replicates real-life situations. (Suitable for Men and Women)

Duration: 2 Days.

On Edge, On Point™:

This seminar covers the tactics pertaining to defending and surviving against all types of stabbing and slashing implements. We will explain the difference between edge and point weapons, the psychology of an armed attacker, anatomical tools and targets, proper positioning, criminal cultures and blade usage, distance management, weapon hand control, prevention of counter attacks, defenses against static / intimidation attacks, and dynamic full-out assault survival.

Duration: 2 Days.

Gunpoint Survival:

This seminar covers the psychology of armed attackers and how to intercept them, proper gun control principles, quick disarms, psychological warfare, emergency use of firearms, shoot / no-shoot scenarios, and rapid weapon disabling. While the focus is usually on handguns, we also cover defense against long arms such as rifles and shotguns.

Force-On-Force drills are done with airsoft weapons for added realism.

Duration: 1 Day.

Surviving Multiple Attackers:

This seminar specifically addresses confrontations with multiple opponents. We cover the pack mindset of gangs and mobs, while offering various verbal, behavioral, and physical options to mitigate injuries to ourselves while inflicting enough damage to escape.

Duration: 1 Day.

Personal Protection for Children:

This is an anti-bullying and violence survival seminar that can benefit children as well as teens. It covers protective protocols to deal with the three most common violent situations children / teens might face, proper communication, escape strategies, and physical tools and targets utilization.

We require parents or legal guardians to be present at the seminar.

Duration: 3 Hours.

Edge and Point Skills:

Libre Fighting Reaper Method™:

Taught entirely in the Icepick / Scythe Grip, the Libre Fighting Reaper Method is ideal for military, law enforcement, security personnel, and law-abiding citizens looking to learn a simple yet effective knife system in a short amount of time.

Reaper Method focuses on using stabs, rips, and filleting attacks to deal with opponents that require lethal force.

Duration: 2 Days.

Piper Blade Combatives™:

Piper for short is a brutal point-driven knife methodology taught and used in South Africa by criminals and prison inmates to maim and kill their opponents. It was studied in-depth and codified by Nigel E. February into the Piper Knife System, a cohesive and teachable approach to knife combat. Originally exclusive to Cape Town, South Africa, its devastating effectiveness and operational deniability ensured it worldwide fame.

Duration: 2 Days.

Libre Fighting™:

Taught entirely in the hammer grip, this aspect of the Libre Fighting curriculum demonstrates the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of old school as well as modern “tip up” methodologies, via a comprehensive series of cuts, slashes, rips, stabs, and filleting attacks to quickly dispatch adversaries.

Duration: 2 Days.

Libre Fighting™ Straight Razor:

This seminar examines the forgotten methodology behind the straight razor’s combination of simplicity, efficacy, and speed. It’s a terrifying tool in the proper hands and can be encountered both in first and third world countries where the carry of knives is illegal.

Duration: 1 Day.

Special Skills:

Stick Fighting Tactics:

This seminar will teach you how to deal with single and multiple attackers using a bludgeon-like instrument such as baton, bat, club, crowbar, sap, or an improvised stick, simply and effectively while understanding their advantages and limitations.

Duration: 1 Day.

Counter Custody and Kidnapping Survival:

This seminar will cover common methods used by criminals to illegally detain their victims. You will learn how to get out of numerous types of restraints such as zip ties, handcuffs, ropes, cling film, nylon bags, and duct tape. You will also be introduced to lockpicking fundamentals, allowing you to perform stealth entries and exits from locked rooms. This also includes a section on improvising tools and weapons with surrounding resources as well as how to fight and terminate attackers while being restrained.

Duration: 1 Day.

U – Unarmed. Unafraid. Unharmed™:

This intensive seminar provides the staff of soft target institutions such as hotels, malls, and hospitals with cutting edge violence prevention and survival, through realistic customized scenarios integrating dialogue, emotions, adrenaline, multiple attackers, edged weapons, firearms, as well as other variables pertaining to public venues. You will learn how to survive terrorist attacks, active shooters, and work-related violence utilizing your environment and any tool you can procure on-site.

Duration: 2 Days.

Firearms Skills:

Combat Shooting 101:

This is a weapons familiarization seminar that allows non-shooters to smoothly and progressively learn about firearms. Topics include firearms safety, the three pillars of shooting, gun myths, pistol types, understanding calibers, and living with firearms.

Rental firearms as well as ammunition are available for an all-inclusive fee.

Duration: 2 Hours.

Combat Shooting with the Handgun:

This handgun seminar will teach you how to become comfortable as well as proficient in using pistols, under duress and in real-life situations, when legally and morally justified to use lethal force. Topics include firearms safety, the three pillars of shooting, living with firearms, choosing the right revolver or semi-automatic handgun, everyday carry considerations, the draw stroke, transitioning from unarmed to armed combat, differences between cover and concealment, dealing with malfunctions, returning fire against multiple aggressors, basic interior and exterior tactics, ambidextrous weapon use, close quarters shooting, low light techniques, weapon retention, and properly caring for your gun.

Rental firearms as well as ammunition are available for an all-inclusive fee.

Tokarev, Makarov, and snub-nose revolver specific seminars are also available.

Duration: 3 Days.

Combat Shooting with the Kalashnikov:

In this shooting seminar, you will first learn to recognize the types, origins, and “brands” of AK rifles, understand the weapon’s advantages and limitations, proper zero procedures, safety manipulations, snap and aimed fire, emergency and tactical reloads, malfunctions clearance, shooting, shoulder transitions, ambidextrous shooting, close quarters as well as mid-range engagements, single versus full auto mode, weapon retention, accessorizing the AK, military ammo types, and correct cleaning procedures. (Covers both 7.62×39 as well as 5.45×39 Kalashnikov rifles and their variants)

Rental firearms as well as ammunition are available for an all-inclusive fee.

Duration: 3 Days.