Money access and You

May 17, 2022Uncategorized

Most people don’t consider ease of access of funds as a self defense consideration. It is, however, quite an important one, especially when trying to maintain a low key presence while traveling or in high risk environments. Flashing your cash is one of the easiest ways to attract unsavory characters to you, thus increasing chances of Violence.

We at Salvos Modum like to divide money into immediate access funds, backup funds, emergency funds, and throwaway funds.

In our first picture, we’re looking at immediate access funds, which, as the name implies, involves petty cash needed for small purchases and payments, such as paying for a cab, buying consumables, etc. and should be adequate to cover most of your immediate expenses. This source of funds will be placed in your right front pocket for quick access while reducing pickpocketing attempts.

Notice how we keep small bills wrapped around larger bills and on the outer layer of the cash bundle. The concave part of the bills is facing up, allowing you to pull the smallest denominations first, leaving larger bills to the end, thus reducing your wealth signature.

Picture number two shows the inside of the wallet, which is also placed in your right front side pocket for the same reasons outlined above. Backup funds are visible on the left side, divided by denominations. Those will be used for larger purchases, with the wallet opened and funds removed discreetly when needed.

The right side shows your emergency funds, which are concealed inside the wallet’s least accessible pocket, and is your get home money in case of an emergency. Please ensure that this money is never spent on useless stuff, as it could save your life.

Picture 3 is your throwaway money, placed inside a disposable wallet, and consists of funds that you’d willingly surrender if mugged, buying you enough time to disengage and escape. This sacrifice money should be placed in your right side rear pocket or as far away from your real cash as possible and is to be dropped while being handed over to an aggressor, resetting his OODA loop and facilitating your Nike Defense.

Please note that all of this is useless if you failed at PERSEC and OPSEC by sporting a Rolex in a seedy part of town, as you will already be on someone’s radar.

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