Knife Safety and You

January 17, 2022Uncategorized

Everyone knows (or should know) about the four gun safety rules.

However, most have no clue about the fundamentals of knife safety.

We attempt to outline the most important ones below:

1) Respect the edge and the point: Even if it looks like it can’t cut or pierce, you have in your hands a potentially lethal weapon which, given enough force, can and will hurt.

2) Don’t have the edge or point directed towards your body or its appendages. Stabbing or cutting yourself counts, and it SUCKS. Have the point facing the enemy as much as possible.

3) Protect your support hand by being mindful of its position in relation to the knife holding hand. If you are using the support hand to strike, grab, and/or manipulate your opponent(s), make sure it is safe from your weapon. This might entail you stabbing a less favorable target to avoid stabbing/cutting yourself and/or unbalance the opposition in ways that protect you.

4) The knife is not the weapon: don’t be knife-focused, do what has to be done when it’s called upon so that if your blade gets jammed or is dropped, you keep fighting.

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