About Us

Salvos Modum is a survival training program that provides individuals and organizations with physical and communicative strategies and tactics, allowing them to prevent, avoid, and resolve any kind of violence they are facing.

We help people reclaim control of their lives, overcome hardship, and neutralize threats by developing resilience, self-reliance, and peaceful conflict resolution whenever possible.

We accomplish that by covering all phases of Violence:

– Pre-Contact: Understanding why and how violence happens, preparation and prevention, mindset reprogramming, intuition utilization, awareness and avoidance strategies, fear and anger management, criminals / terrorists’ wants and fears, adrenaline acclimatization, confrontation management skills, verbal de-escalation strategies, and proper body language.

– Contact: Doing what needs to be done to survive a physical altercation using the body’s natural protective reflexes and utilizing efficient striking / grappling / weapons tactics to overcome opponents.

– Post Contact: Dealing with concerns arising from violence survival such as self-triage and first aid, talking to the police, winning legal battles, overcoming psychological and moral issues, preparing oneself for revenge, conducting anti-surveillance, and reassessing threat matrixes.

We carefully and progressively bring participants up to a high level of proficiency through full contact training, while employing protective equipment to minimize the risk of injuries.

Our program is customizable to fit the needs, physical abilities, and lifestyles of clients, from teens to adults, men and women, civilians as well as security, police and military forces. We are also available for on-site consultation to assess your needs and address any questions you may have about training.

We teach in Arabic, English, and French.

[box color=”black”]For enquiries about our weekly classes, private sessions, or seminars, please contact Georges Fahmy on +961 3 499 712 or by email at info@salvosmodum.com[/box]